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About Summer Sunlight Stories

Ginger Summers is a local Children's Book Author

Ginger Summers is a Northern Colorado Children's Book Author that comes from a long line of family writers! 

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What People Have to Say:

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D. Kent

My grandsons who are cousins and both 7 really enjoyed the story of the cousins Oliver and Taylor who want to go fishing but have no one to take them. They think of a plan and it all works. Soon they are fishing and everything goes wrong from there in a sweet and funny way. But all ends well and they can't wait to go again.

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"This book was beautifully written. The only thing that was missing was the recipes! At the end of every chapter, all I wanted to do was go cook!

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Noah, Age 8

"I love this boo. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I liked how the girl was from Colorado and then she moved to New York and then met the dragons. It made me wonder if there were any dragons in Colorado."

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