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A Magical Adventure is About to Begin

My First Chapter Book is almost ready to launch.

I have been working on this fun and Adorable story for Children 8-10-year-olds back in Nov. 2020. I am excited that it may be out in Aug. 2021. I am also going to have a teaching packet available to go with it.

I believe this is one of my best books yet. It is light-hearted filled with humor and joy .

It has been shared with a 3rd grader and he has really enjoyed the story. This is exciting to hear.

I hired an Illustrator who has drawn some fantastical pictures to go with the story.

Treehouse Dragons Logline

A leaf collecting tomboy gets lost in the woods of northern New York, where she spies a massive treehouse. When she enters the treehouse seeking assistance, she is pulled to magical paintings and drawn into a grand adventure. Whose magic is this? Just a local family of dragons, one of whom is seeking a new friend.

I look forward to having it available for sale in Aug.

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