New Journey Start

Hello Friends ,Family and Fellow Writers.,

I am getting ready to start a journey with The Write Practice 100 day book. I am excited to start this journey of writing a novel in 100 days the course starts Feb. 23. 2020. It will end on June 2, 2020 In which I will have my final draft of my first novel ready to publish.

I look forward to reconnecting with fellow writers who took Write 2 Publish course with me. It has been fun to keep up with the progress of my fellow writers.

I am excited to challenge my self to write a chapter a week for 100 days to complete my story. I am also a little scared too. But I know I will succeed with the support of family and friends . And the incentive of 100 dollars if I meet deadlines. Please join me with encouragement to help me along. Especially on days it seems very difficult to write. I will work on letting everyone follow my progress.

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