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Hello Friends and family,

It has been nice to hear from you all. I would like to update you on two current children's picture books I am working on. One is titled Blundering Fishhooks, the other is A Forever Friend.

Blundering Fishhooks is a humorous story about two cousins who want to go fishing . However their dads are too busy to take them fishing. They write a note to grandma asking if she has a friend who would like to take them fishing. They get to go fishing but several mishaps occur, will they want to go fishing again?

A Forever Friend is about a little boy whose big brother is a teenager and doesn't want to play with him anymore. The little brother goes moping around the neighborhood for a friend no one is his age. He sees an elderly man and introduces himself to the man. The man has a special Puppy to be the little boy's forever friend.

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