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What a Gold Mine SCBWI Conference

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to be part of the SCBWI conference that is going on now.

I have learned so much in just two days. One of my childhood favorite authors Judy Blume spoke what a wonderful source of encouragement.

Here are some of the quotes she has given. "You need to get rid of the critic on one shoulder and the censor on the other. You need to be free and safe." Judy Blume

"If you are ever in a writing class and find that the professor is not supportive get out of that class." Judy Blume

"Be fearless, honest, and brave in your writing" Judy Blume.

Another author who spoke was Kwame Alexander, author of Cross Over

I loved this quote the most. "Books are amusement parks sometimes you have to let the kid choose the ride"

Jane Yolen also had some excellent advice on writing picture books I'd like to share here

"The importance of compression. Every word has to count, they have to resonate throughout the book. Every time you revise you will find words to revise. Compression is the first thing that you know. Write it as a poem suddenly see what words are too many." Jane Yolen

"Three things a picture book need lyricism, (sing the story), arc (go one place to another),

visuality (see something different on every spread)." Jane Rolen

I love this one "A manuscript in a drawer cannot be sold. Don't shy away from any project. Leap forward with passion and perhaps it will be your best book." Jane Rolen

I want to leave you with this one last quote

"If you're able to be yourself then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence." Barbara Cook

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