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Hello, my Friends and Family,

So Sorry I have been gone way too long. since I have given an update.

I am happy to say that my family has stayed well two times my youngest age 8 was exposed to Covid 19 but he never got it. Thank Our Lord and Savior we have stayed well.

I have been busy with creating a Middle-grade fantasy novel with my Year to Publish group at The Write Practice. The first hundred-day challenge started in March where I was challenged to write a rough draft of my story.

I had a very difficult time settling on what I was going to write before I finally settled on a middle-grade novel.

I had my first picture book published in April. Blundering Fishhooks.

I have also been putting the final touches on my chapter book for ages 8-10 called Treehouse Dragons. I am hoping my Treehouse will come out in July or Aug.

I hope you all have kept well. Excited that places are opening up here in Co.

Ps. Check on Amazon for my two books. Zahara by Ginger Summers and Blundering Fishhooks by Ginger A. Summers and leave a review for me Thanks


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