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Author Ginger A. Summers


Coming from a line of family writers, I enough writing poetry, short stories and children's books. Read more about me here.

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Writing has always been a love of mine.  

I have been writing poetry since third grade.  As I grew through middle school and high school, I wrote several poems about the loss of my beloved grandmother. As I headed to college, I took a writing class and became very discouraged because I believed that everyone was much better than I. I felt that my poetry was elementary compared to their themes and patterns of writing, so I stopped writing and left my dream of being a writer behind.

Fast forward to the present. My dream to write resurfaced in 2018, when I took writing classes at the local community college in Creative Nonfiction, Children's Literature and Creative Writing.

Emily Dickinson. Thoreau.

I have always loved Emily Dickinson and Henry Thoreau.

I love the way she wrote her poems and the simplicity of everyday things she described. I tried to emulate her style when I started writing poetry.

I like Thoreau’s writing style and attempted to put some of his style into my creative nonfiction assignments.

I've written short stories from my coming of age and young adult years.

    “Be True to Yourself” is about my experiences as I was growing up.  It shows how I wanted to be like everyone else and lost part of myself in the process. 

     “Heartbreak at Work” is based on an experience during my internship as a vet assistant.  It shows how difficult it can be when losing a family pet.

   “A Grandmother’s Love” shows the love and relationship  between my mother and her grandsons.

   “My Sons: A Meditation Thoreau Style” is a story about the building of my family and the strength we have together. 

     Just for fun, I wrote the text for a children’s story, "Blundering Fish Hooks." This is a humorous story about two cousins who go on a fishing trip. With several mishaps during their trip, they still want to go again. (See the mock-up pages below.)

My writing philosophy is one of growth. I haven’t quite figured out where my expertise as a writer lies. I love writing poetry. I enjoy writing  creative nonfiction; however, writing about myself is painful and cathartic.

I desire to explore writing creative nonfiction about a topic which I’m not personally affected.  As my experiences are broadening, I’ve discovered that I love to write narratives, particularly children’s books. Maybe I’m a budding, David Rosenfelt or Brandon Mull.

It’s in my genes!

Other influences on my passion to write came from family members who were authors. 

My great-great grandfather was a writer of poems and memoirs and his wife wrote children’s stories.

My grandfather wrote for a coin magazine.  My uncle wrote a couple text books on technical writing.

My father owned Towne and Country Newspaper in Boulder and wrote many articles.

I also have faith and hope from my Christian upbringing that give inspiration to my writing. My writing helped me make it through the teenage years and adult challenges in my life. When I was a teenager, I dreamed of having some of my works published. But after receiving feed back from trusted adults ,my dreams were torn apart, so I turned my focus to poetry. The poems that I believed were my best were ones in which my praise and worship voice to Jesus Christ and my walk with Christ were exemplified. I wrote poems about love, the loss of my beloved grandmother, and ones expressing my appreciation for nature and life.

I understand now how much I have let people influence my goal of being an author. I've come to realize that not everything I write will be completely appreciated by everyone. 

However, I’ve come to a point in my life where I believe that

I AM an Author and I DO have something to share with the world.  



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Short Stories

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