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Been Gone Too Long

So Sorry I have been absent from my website and Blog.

It has been a rough year.

Like many finances have been tight emergencies have happen all in all its been a rough year.

My Father had been declining in health for many months. He passed away End of March/April. Last Sun May 7th we had his celebration of life service. The service was small and meaningful.

I have had to start working close to full time end of January. I have been in two car accidents but wasn't hurt bad but both cars got totalled.

I have started to be involved with a Youth writing group that meets 2nd Sat. of each month it has bee a joy to see the energy of our teen writers and the passion they have for writing. It is a Hybrid program sponsored by Writing Heights Writers Association. we are in the beginning stages of the program so far we currently have 10 Students ages 12-18. The writing group is free. We are looking for teens who are looking to learn, collaborate, and improve their writing. Our next topic of discussion will be in June about Dialogue and how to through dialogue you can be able to tell each character is different in manner of speaking .

For more information about this program based in Northern Colorado here is the Details Registration and contact

My hope is now that my life has slowed down a little I will be able to get back to writing and getting some books published before the end of this year. I currently have two books in the publishing process My first book is titled Unicorn Destiny and the second is a 2nd edition of A Forever Friend. It will have more illustrations than the first edition did.

Ginger Summers

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