Artist In The Woods

Hello My Friends,

I am getting ready to publish my latest work of a short story.

It’s a very catchy and interesting story. It caught all my attentions while I read the adventure of Amanda.

How she got caught in the beautiful picture of nature. As a human being sometimes, we forget to appreciate the nature. Ginger Summers have captured the beauties of nature perfectly in this story through her pen. She’s a talented writer.

Christina Pristopher

Author of RAINY.

You wrote a GRAND story, filled with color and description of what she saw as she hiked. LOVED it.

Artist in the Woods

This is a story about Amanda, a teenager who just got her driver’s license and was allowed to drive up the mountain and hike. She is well trained by her parents on being prepared to survive in the wilderness. With great confidence, she heads up the mountain for a hike. As she’s hiking, she becomes distracted with all the wildlife she sees that she includes in her artwork. She strays from the path and finds herself lost. How will she get back to the car?

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